Friday, January 21, 2011

UD Black In The Hoopography House

'09 Upper Deck Upper Deck Black Brad Daugherty Auto #'d 2/50
Like with many collectors, Upper Deck's Black line is one of their favorites in the hobby. The styling is what I like to call, "Aggressively Cool". Unfortunately, the pricing on these cards is less than cool and more than aggressive. However, I've finally been able to land a UD Black card. This 2 of 50 Brad Daugherty auto'd card is from the '09 UD Black. For some reason, I have a minor obsession with the early 90's Cleveland Cavaliers teams. Particularly, I like the Mark Price and Brad Daugherty auto'd cards that have recently been released in the past few years.

I'd love to add another UD Black card or two to my collection, but it all depends on the price and condition. As you probably know, the cards with thicker stock tend to damage easily. So beware if you are looking to add a UD Black card to your collection. Chipping and corner wear is common with many of these cards. I was pleasantly surprised with the Daugherty as it looked cleaner than in the eBay photo.

What are some of your thoughts on the UD Black product? Are you a fan or not?


  1. UD Black is amazing. Totally one of my favorites, but yeah, chipping is annoying. When you do find one in great shape, it's beautiful.

  2. I love UD Black. This Daugherty is sweet. He was a good center. A bit underrated.

    I always think it's a trip to see Brad Daugherty as a NASCAR analyst.

  3. There are Mark Price autographed cards? *heads to eBay to search*

  4. @ TJ, I like UD Black better than Exquisite or NT. They are beautiful.

    @ Are No, Thanks Are No. I have to compete with those bloggers that are showing off David Robinson Auto's on their blog. I'm not so sure tho that Daugherty is really in the same category.

    @ DB, Injuries took Daugherty and M. Price down. I laugh every time I seem Daugherty on NASCAR shows.

    @ Colbey, there are some really nice UD Black, UD Ultimate and some awesome UD Exquisite auto's. About 1-3/week.

  5. I'm a huge fan of UD Black... I love how they use silver or gold ink on a black background for most of their autographs. And... that Daugherty card is sweet. I'm a huge fan of him and Price too. Have their SLU's sitting on a shelf in my office. Have a good weekend Charles!

  6. I just picked up Russell Westbrook UD Black RC. It took me forever to find a decent one without all the wear and tear!

    I love the pen choices too. It looks great on the black stock.

  7. @ Anonymous, Congrats on the Westbrook UD Black RC. Westbrook is a beast.