Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some Auto's Are Just Plan Classics

I know… most post titles don't get any more cheesy than that. As you can see, the three auto's are from the early 90's Classic company. I'm a big fan of many of the Classic auto's. One of my favorite Classic auto's even made it all the way to forth place on my Top 25 PC Countdown. The fact is, Classic put out some of the best on-card auto's of superstar players like Shaquille O'neal, Alex Rodriguez, Drew Bledsoe, Chris Webber, Pavel Bure, Desmond Howard and many more. The really cool thing about many of these auto's is that there were plenty made. That means that every collector can pickup a sweet college era auto of their favorite player.

Speaking of favorite players, Chris Webber and the Fab Five had me hooked from day one. I attribute my craziness for kicks directly to the fab freshmen. Looking back at hoops trading cards of old, I'm also glad C-Web and the Wolverines got the shorts lengthened a bit. The '93 Webber Classic Gold Auto is from a special set that Classic limited to 9,500 and shipped to collectors in a swanky wooden box (click here). This is a must have for any Webber or Fab Five fan.

The Mashburn card is from the same '93 Gold set as the Webber. It's definately a cool card. I like it better than the Webber card. First off, Masburn has one of the coolest nicknames ever, "Monster Mash". Yeah… that's right, I said it. Plus, checkout those Converse kicks the "Monster Mash" is rockin'. Mashburn was a beast at Kentucky and I'm glad to add this one to my collection.

Finally, there were a number of collecting crazes during the '92-'93 collecting season. We had the "Shaq Attack" and of course Michael Jordan, but Manon Rheaume cards were hot as well. Rheaume is the first woman to play in an NHL contest. She competed in games during the '92 and '93 preseasons for the Tamp Bay Lighting. At one time, her Classic auto's were selling for similar amounts as the O'neal auto's. That's really saying something, If you know how hot those O'neal cards were.

If you're looking to pick up an auto or two of your favorite 90's athletes, take a look at the Classic auto's. They're not to shabby. As always, happy collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. I love the Mashburn. If no one has claimed it I would be happy to work out a trade for it.

  2. Oh my bad, I should read posts rather than skim before commenting. I thought was a trade post. Either way, cool card.

  3. Charles... is it possible that we are twins separated at birth? Seriously... those autos are awesome and I'm a huge fan of those early to mid 90's Classic on-card autographs. One of these days I'll add one of those Webbers to my PC.

  4. @hiflew: I just bought the Webber/Mashburn auto's a month ago. Everything is always for trade at some point. However, I would ask for the world for the stuff in my PC like these auto's. I have some other non-auto'd Mashburn cards if your interested? Let me know.

    @Fuji: HAHAHA, we def have similar preferences. I've been after these auto's for a while. I love any Classic auto's. They are always very well done. There are a number of nice Classic Webber auto's out there, but beware. Besides being great looking cards, Classic auto's are also known for being counterfeit. Make sure the back says something like, "CONGRATULATIONS You have received a limited Classic Games autograph card".