Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Box Review: 2011 Timeless Treasures Basketball

Panini sent me a box of 2011 Timeless Treasures Basketball which was recently released last week. I busted a box of 2010 Timeless Treasures last year and pulled a sweet LeBron James Prime Patch. I wasn't as lucky this year, but it was certainly fun to open a hobby box/tin of a brand new product. Of course, A special thanks to Panini for sending me the box. I'll be giving away the contents of this box as well as last weeks Donruss Basketball box break later this week in a number of contests. So stay tuned for those contests and giveaways!!!

Panini's 2011 Timeless Treasures (TT's) doesn't know whether it wants to be a high end product at a decent price or a so so product that's overpriced. Doing a quick search on eBay for 2011 Timeless Treasures yields a hodgepodge of awesome RC auto's and some awkward single color jersey cards or sticker auto's. Two of the most impressive aspects of TT's is the list of legends like Oscar Robinson and Scottie Pippen included in the set and the Rookie Recruits auto'd cards. The Rookie Recruits auto's were nice cards in last years product and are definitely one of the biggest draws in this years TT's.

At $90.00 a box/tin for six cards, there is certainly a risk factor. However, TT's is one of the best products currently on the market for those collectors looking to score a nice John Wall, Evan Turner, DeMarcus Cousins or Landry Fields auto. That doesn't mean TT's is without it's flaws. Which makes it one of the riskiest basketball products on the market. Score a LeBron Prime Patch, Hall of Fame Prime Quad or John Wall RC auto and it's well worth the risk.

2011 Timeless Treasures Box Review:

- Overall Product Design: C+
- Value: D
- Fun Factor: B-
- Hits: C+
- Overall: C

For me as a Knicks fan, this was a nice box/tin as I pulled a Knickerbocker RC of Timofey Mozgov. As an impartial reviewer, I have to admit this wasn't the best box I've ever opened. The look of the jersey and auto'd cards are nice. If you've read the post thus far, you know I'm also a big fan of the Rookie Recruits cards. However, the base cards really should be on thicker card stock instead of the 35 pt. traditional stock. I also can't justify the $90.00 price tag for this box. The Mozgov is the most valuable card at only $5.00-$10.00. That's not exactly mojo. The bottom line on Panini's TT is that it's a nice product with tons of potential. It all depends on whether you're the type of collector that can afford to purchase boxes on potential (lets face it, collectors purchase most products for the hits). I recommend waiting a few weeks for the retail prices to go down on TTs or stick to the singles on eBay.

What's your review?

- Stay tuned for contests and giveaways later this week for Timeless Treasures and Donruss Basketball cards.


  1. I don't really care for the design of this year's TT cards, but that James Anderson is a decent hit, that guy can flat out play. He'll make some noise one day.

  2. You also have to consider that you beat the odds on this box. Only about 20% of the boxes contain 2 autographs and then 50% of those autographs turn out to be redemption cards. You also got an extra card since there's only supposed to be 2 base cards per tin.

    I like the Rookie Recruits, but why is that white basketball material? It's not like it's tough to read autographs on regular orange basketball colored backgrounds. Using orange on those cards would have made them a lot cooler even if it has been done before.

    From what I've seen, most tins don't justify the $90 price tag. This product will be like last year's Hall of Fame Basketball and it will start to sell once the price drops to $50 - $60 a tin.

  3. @ Offy, I agree with the $50-$60 price tag. However, I'm a big fan of Panini HOF. I think those are a great deal right now at around $40-$50.

    The Rookie Recruits are great cards, both last years and this years. They are certainly the big cards in the product. I thought the white looked cool against the grey of the cards.

  4. Hmm. At least you got a Blazer, right?

  5. @ TJ, hahaha. Nooo!!! At Least I got a NY KNICKERBOCKER!!!