Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The "Dominator" Dominates This Cool Card On The Cheap

1997 Upper Deck Dominik Hasek Holoview Collection
One of my favorite Buffalo athletes of all-time is former Buffalo Sabres net-minder Dominik Hasek. The "Dominator" was just that, dominant. The six-time Vezina Trophy winner and two-time Hart Trophy (League MVP) winner has a minuscule career 2.02 GAA and .925 career SV%. As much as I like current Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, he's got nothing on Hasek.

Here's a recent Hasek pickup I made on eBay for just under $3.00 including shipping. This 1997 Upper Deck Holoview Collection card combines two of my favorite card attributes with the vivid holoview surface and die-cut edges. I'm also digging the late 90's Buffalo Sabres uniforms. I love getting cool cards on the cheap. Happy collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. I've never been a fan of Buffalo (and I'm still not) but I was happy for Dom when he won a cup with us. And then he kind of did the Brett Favre thing, but whatever.
    And I REALLY don't like the Sabres because their star goalie went to Michigan State. Gotta respect the guy, though, he's a sick goalie.
    Oh yeah, nice card!

  2. The most amazing goalie of all time!!! He did what was impossible.

    I sold almost all my hockey cards, but I kept one card of the Dominator.

  3. @ All, thanks guys. I know i'm biased as a Sabres fan, but Hasek was awesome.