Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guess Who Saw The Stanley Cup This Week?

It was me… and probably a bunch of other people in the Buffalo area this week. The Buffalo Sabres are celebrating their 40th anniversary this season and have a very cool display at the Buffalo Albright-Knox Art Gallery. One of the attractions was a short appearance by the Stanley Cup and accompanying league trophies. Viewers were able to take photos and actually touch the trophies. That's cool for a dorky guy like me. I took full advantage of this opportunity and captured pics of each trophy. I'll post all the pics in a few days, but the NFL Wild Card games are about to start. So here are just a few of the highlights.

Lord Stanley's Cup
Me standing with the Conn Smythe Trophy pretending I was the most valuable player of the NHL Playoffs


  1. Sweet pics! The one of the Cup really came out nicely.
    I live near Detroit so those two things there look pretty familiar to me.

  2. Very nice. Why didn't you pick up the trophy and hold it over your head? Missed opportunity, I say.

    ...On a side note, anyone else find it strange when you finally find out what another blogger looks like?

  3. @ Caljr3000, Damn, I got no defense against that. Detroit's def rocked the championships over the past few years with the Wings.

    @ Spankee, Yeah, that guy looks weird. The pics of me, The Cup in hand and security have been confiscated.

    I've posted a few picks I've been in before, but I want people to actually come back to my site. So I focus on the sports stuff as much as possible.