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Beware Of The Frozen Acetate Card: January 18, 2011
As many of you are well aware or, acetate is one of my favorite trading card technologies. Acetate cards consist of images that have been incased or printed on translucent plastic. A prime example, and one of my favorites, is the Ryan Miller/Thomas Vanek UD Trilogy dual auto'ed card pictured above. Acetate cards look cool and are certainly fun to collect. However, living in Buffalo, NY, they can have a fragile side as well.

I got back into the hobby a little more than three years ago and was amazed at how the industry and trading cards themselves… Read More

Beast Mode In Seattle: January 9, 2011
With the unlikely win by the Seattle Seahawks yesterday over the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints and Marshawn Lynch's incredible touchdown run, I thought I'd show off a few of the Lynch cards in my collection. Being a Buffalo Bills fan, there really aren't too many current players to collect. At least, not many to get too excited about. I've been a fan of Lynch since Buffalo Drafted him with the 12th overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. The one-time Pro Bowl selection ('08) is only 24 years old and obviously has some talent. That's why I was disappointed when the Bills traded him to the Seahawks earlier this season. Getting a 4th round… Read More

Box Review: '11 Panini Donruss Basketball: January 7, 2011
Harkening back to one of the best card designs of the 80's, the Rated Rookie is back. Panini's Donruss Basketball product went live Wednesday, and with the number of cards already appearing on the secondary markets, it looks like collectors are busting quite a few boxes. And thanks to Panini, this blogger was able to checkout a box of the newest product in the basketball trading card industry first hand. So enough with the post introduction. Here's a snapshot of Donruss Basketball and a brief review.

Overall card/product design should be the most important part of any product and Panini didn't disappoint with Donruss Basketball. The design team at Panini reached back into the card design vault for an iconic design with the Rated RookiesBecause of that, the RC's in Donruss are particularly… Read More

Hoopography 2010 Product Year In Review: January 2, 2011
When doing a 2010 year in review of the trading card hobby, I don't think the name Stephen Strasburg can be mentioned quickly enough. The rookie phenom took the industry over this past summer. That's why I'll take all the suspense out of my pick for card of the year. It's really pretty simple. Take your pick of any of the highly sought after flamethrower's RC's. For me, the Bowman BP1 Strasburg RC is the card of the year. The Bowman Superfractor was easily the most hyped card in the hobby. I think ever blogger wrote about it and it even caught quite a bit of national media coverage. However, most collectors can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on one card. No matter how great the card or player is on it. That's why the Bowman base RC takes card of the year honors in the entire hobby for me. This card allowed every collector to get in on the fun and hype of Strasburg mania. Today, that card is selling for just under $10, which is further proof of the excitement the talented… Read More

The Next Golden Age of the NBA. Is It Already Here?: Dec 30
For many sports fans, the "Golden Age" of the NBA started with Bird versus Magic and culminated with Jordan hitting a game winning shot over Byron Russell in the '98 NBA Finals. Without question, it's hard to argue that claim. Sure, the NBA's "Golden Age" was built by the likes of the above mentioned Bird, Magic and Jordan, but the Association was littered with exciting stars throughout the league. From Clyde "The Glyde" Drexler in the Great Northwest to Sir Patrick at MSG or "The Human Highlight Film" in A-Town and Shaq and "Penny" in the wonderful world of Disney, the NBA was working on all cylinders throughout the mid 80's and 90's. Even perennial cellar dwellers like the Dallas Mavericks had "The Triple J's" or the Golden State Worriers with "RUN T.M.C.". There's no denying the state of basketball and the Association during that time, but today's NBA is certainly on the cusp of rivalling that time. Just think about it. Even the L.A. Clippers are actually palatable now. Read More

Poster Review: THE LAND OF BOZ: December 16, 2010
Why am I such a big fan of Brian "The Boz" Bosworth"? He certainly was a dominant football player at the University of Oklahoma during the mid 80's, but that's not why I'm such a fan. It certainly isn't because of his NFL career either. He only played two seasons. I'm a fan of Bosworth mostly because of the crazy mullet he rocked, and because he will forever be linked to Mr. Bo Jackson (click here). There are about 5 or 6 Bosworth cards I'm after and two of those cards feature dual auto's with Bosworth and Jackson. Actually the card in the "click here" link above is in my top 5 most wanted. Surprisingly, there are a few other collectors out there like me who are after some of Boz's cards. That means his cards sell for a lot more than you would think for a guy who barely played three seasons in the NFL. Read More

KICKS: Nike Air Mag 2015, They Are Back… From The Future: December 14, 2010

If Nike could sell millions of pairs of kicks because of the on-court exploits of Michael Jordan, just imagine how many pairs of Nike Air Mag 2015's the sporting apparel company could have sold because of the totally rad hoverboard skills of Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future II.

Like many other movie goers, I'm a huge fan of the Back to the Future film franchise. The movies were fun, imaginative and incorporated some really great 80's design. I also love all things kicks, so the Air Mag 2015's are really a perfect fit for me… Read More