Top 100

Under Construction: 
(as my collection evolves, so to does my PC Top 100)

In reading the various blogs and forum posts throughout cyberspace, it took me a bit to figure what PC meant. For awhile I thought it was very interesting that collectors from around the world were so concerned with being politically correct. I soon realized that political correctness was not the meaning of PC. Instead, PC stood for Personal Collection. That made a little bit more sense and got me thinking about the trading cards in my personal collection.

This is where the idea to do a series of posts counting down my favorite 25 cards in my PC came from. It was a lot of fun writing each post in the series and even more fun reminiscing about when and where I got each card in the countdown. I certainly hope you enjoyed the countdown. However, if you did miss it or are just discovering Hoopography for the first time, here were the cards included in the countdown. I've since added cards to my PC that would have made this list, but I wanted to keep the list intact for now or at least until I update it in the future.

#1: '92 SkyBox Dream Team Plastic Card

#2: '96 Upper Deck Anfernee Hardaway
Tribute Auto & UDA COA #'d 239/300

#4: '94 Michael Jordan Fleer Ultra Scoring Kings

#5: '93 Shaquille O'neal NBAHOOPS Redemption RC

#6: 1988 Entenmann's Michael Jordan SGC graded 96

#7: '94 Michael Jordan Fleer Ultra Power In The Key

#8: '94 Shaquille O'neal Fleer Ultra Jam City

#9: '96 Upper Deck SP Holoview Michael Jordan

#10: '85 Star Co. Slam Dunk Supers Group Photo/Checklist

#11: '00 Upper Deck SP Buy Back Paul O'Neill Auto

#12: '93 Classics Futures Acetate #NN0

#13: '97 Flair Hot Gloves Derek Jeter

#14: '93 Fleer Ultra All-Rookies Shaquille O'neal

#15: '98 Metal Universe Titanium Anfernee Hardaway

#16: '93 Upper Deck 15,000 Point Club Michael Jordan

#17: '93 Topps Finest Refractor Paul O'Neill

#18: '97 Upper Deck SPx Cornerstones Jeter/Rodriguez

#19: '96 Pinnacle Laserview Inscription Jim Kelly Auto

#20: '09 Upper Deck Exquisite Auto Biography Lee Evans Auto #'d 31/99

#21: '95 Classics Rookies Signatures Edition Arthur Agee Auto

#22: '95 Topps Finest Orange Bordered Test Refractor Anfernee Hardaway

#23: '93 Topps Stadium Club Shaquille O'neal Auto

#24: '98 Ex2001 Essential Credentials Andy Pettitte #'d 72/73

#25: '91 Courtside Larry Johnson Auto

#27: '97 Upper Deck SPx Michael Jordan Holoview Heroes 

#28: '80 Topps Rickey Henderson RC

#29: '94 Fleer Ultra Michael Jordan All-Defensive Team