Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hoopography Top 25 Countdown: #16

Sometimes a card just comes together perfectly. This 1993 Upper Deck 15,000 Point Club Michael Jordan insert isn't the most valuable 90's insert. It also doesn't feature an auto or swatch of jersey fabric. It does however feature a great action photo and a simple, but solid design. That's why this Jordan insert makes it to number 16 on my favorite PC Top 25 Countdown.

I think any basketball card collector has a number of Jordan cards that they consider must haves. This is one of those cards for me. Although not terribly expensive, it took me quite a bit of time to add this one to my collection. It typically sells for right around $10 - $12. You can occasionally find it for under $10 on secondary markets like eBay. Right now there're a couple Buy It Now auctions up for the individual card and the entire 15,000 Point Club Set. Although the book value is $30, the individual card for sale on eBay is a bit high. Lets face it, we all know what book value really means…nothing.

If you're a patient collector, you can add this card to your collection at a very reasonable price. I think it's one of the best overall looking cards in my collection, especially considering there's no auto, foiling, die cut, refractor or relic to rely on. Stay tuned for the next installment of my Top 25 Countdown and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball"


  1. Nice card! I must be getting old... I don't remember ever pulling any of these.

    BTW... I received the Lebron jersey & the Laker bonuses yesterday. My favorite (by far) was the Byron Scott Fournier card. I've been wanting that card for years! Thanks Charles!

  2. No prob, glad to hear you got everything. Hope you enjoy!!!!!

  3. Very nice card. My favorite Jordan card that I have - not here, but my dad's place - is a Jordan Fleer sticker card. It cost a pretty penny back in the 90's is all I remember.

    Very solid card though.

  4. The Fleer Stickers are def very nice. This UD Jordan insert is not my fav Jordan as you'll see in the rest of the countdown, but it's still very nice.