Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bo Knows Bubble Gum: '94 Upper Deck SP Holoview Die Cut

About a month ago I wrote a post reviewing an old school Nike Bo Jackson poster and explaining how Jackson also played semi-pro basketball for a very brief time. The post was entitled, "Bo Knows Basketball?" (click here). I'm a huge Jackson fan, and collect as many of his cards and posters that I can get my hands on. I really enjoyed the "Bo Knows Basketball?" post, especially the YouTube highlight videos and old Nike TV commercials I was able to embed into the post. I had so much fun putting that post together that I thought it'd be cool to do a "Bo Knows…" post for every Bo Jackson item that I'm lucky enough to add to my collection.

This newest post in the "Bo Knows…" series features this 1994 Upper Deck SP Die Cut Holoview Bo Jackson card. I love the Holoview sets Upper Deck put out during the mid 90's. Regardless of sport, all of these cards looked great. Of course the '94 baseball set features some high value gems like the A-Rod RC, Michael Jordan baseball RC and equally outrageously expensive Ken Griffey Jr. You can get the base versions of these cards at a relatively reasonable price, but it's really the die cuts that get collectors excited.

The Bo Jackson doesn't carry the same price tag as many of the other cards in the set, but is equally beautiful. It shimmers from the foiling UD used on the surface of the cards, and I think most die cut parallels look better than their base counterparts. As cool as the front of the card looks, the back is even better with Bo demonstrating his mastery of blowing bubble gum bubbles.

Hope you enjoyed this installment of the "Bo Knows…" series. I'll continue the series as I get in more Bo Jackson memorabilia. If you enjoyed this post, make sure to checkout the first post in the series (click here) and remember… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".

(Hopefully you can read what it says on the back of this card. Truly a testimate to the type of athlete Jackson was.)


  1. Yeah i enjoyed your post and thanks for the quote " Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball " it inspires me some how, even i am not a player of any ball games..somewhere in my heart this quote will help me find strength.