Monday, August 9, 2010

Mail Time: '04 UD Scripts Lee Evans Auto

I bought this '04 UD Scripts Lee Evans Auto a few months back and just haven't gotten around to posting about it until today. Actually, I'm posting it today because camps have started around the NFL recently and I'm getting excited for the NFL season to start.

This Evans card cost me $.99 plus $2.50 for shipping. That's not too bad for an on-card auto of one of the best players on my favorite hometown team. I'll be looking to add a number of other Buffalo Bills cards as I too get ready for the upcoming NFL season.


  1. That is a hell of steal for a really nice card! I had the same thing happen to m when I got a Jeff Green SPX Superscript Auto for $.99

    BTW, have you seen any of the Panini National Treasure stuff floating on Ebay? I am strongly considering selling my kidney to bust a case! haha

  2. HAHAHAHA, That's how I feel about Panini HOF Basketball. I've seen some of the images released on Panini's Facebook page. It looks really great. We'll see what a box actually yields. I'm hoping they're as good as the images released.

    I have seen the National Treasures stuff. It looks pretty good. The RC's are awesome. I also think the Notable Nicknames cards are insanely cool. One of the Dominique Wilkins ones is selling for around $225-$275 on eBay tonite. Crazy, but it really is a sweet card. I am a bit disappointed that there are sticker auto's in that product. I'm usually tolerant of sticker auto's, they keep prices affordable, but NT is $400 a box/pack. Great design, huge patches, great checklist, but some sticker auto's. Overall, a very nice product. 6 auto of jersey cards per box/pack.

    BTW, nice get with the Jeff Green!!!!

  3. Very sweet deal. And getting your favorite players is always a huge plus.

  4. nice pickup... whatever happened to evans? is he still a superstar? i remember considering him for my fantasy football team a few years ago, but haven't heard much about him lately.

  5. Thanks guys. Evans is a talented WR. I thought $.99 plus shipping was a steal for an on-card auto. I know the card doesn't have a huge book value, but it's not always about book value.