Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poster Review: Isaiah Rider "Slam Dunk King" StarLine Poster

You may remember "JR" Rider more for his long criminal rap sheet or just missing being the captain of the infamous Portland Jail Blazers (Rider was traded to Atlanta for the veteran Steve Smith just prior to the Jail Blazer Days), but I like to remember the former 5th overall draft choice in the '93 NBA Draft as the winner of the '94 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Rider was not one of the best dunkers of all-time, but he may have executed one of the best dunks of all-time. That particular dunk also has one of the coolest rim-rockin' names ever conceived. Say it with me Slam Dunk Aficionados, "The East Bay Funk Dunk". Dunk names don't get too much better than that!

Rider had an NBA career that was marred by criminal, personal and professional distractions, but he actually was a very talented scorer and athlete at one time. He averaged 20.4 points/game during his second season in the Association, and also won an ESPN ESPY Award for the Top NBA Play of the Year in '95 (YouTube video to your right). Rider also won an NBA Championship with the L.A. Lakers in 2001 (He received a Championship ring despite being left off the playoff roster). In all, Rider played in the NBA from '93 to '01 and also had a brief one game stint with the North Texas Fresh of the American Basketball Association.

The Slam Dunk King Starline poster is really a cool piece to add to any collector's collection or game room (click here for an eBay Buy Now auction). The action shot of Rider is from the '94 NBA Slam Dunk Contest that he won with "The East Bay Funk Dunk". Checkout Gary Payton with his bling shining, jaw dropped watching Rider winning the '94 Dunk Contest. I've seen many a dunk, jam and flush in my day, but this one is certainly right up there with some of the best.


  1. Rider was such a physical specimen. The sky was the limit for that kid...

  2. Yeah, 6 Foot 5 Inches, jump out of the gym ability and a great scoring touch around the basket.

  3. YES!!!! It's about time someone started reviewing the posters of our youth!!

    My shop has a few boxes of old posters, all for a buck or two each. I finally have a reason to buy them :)

  4. I love old skewl sports posters too Joe!!!!! I'll continue to review some old posters, so stay tuned.

  5. Wow... now I know where VC got the idea for his dunk... that was truly breathtaking. His miracle shot isn't too bad either.

    He's one of those players I started collecting when I got back into the hobby during the 94/95 season. I was paying top $$$ for those 93/94 rookies. Now they're just sitting in a box, still in the original Card Savers collecting dust.

  6. Fuji, I have heard that same story from a number of collectors regarding Rider cards.