Friday, August 27, 2010

Michael Jordan Sure is N-Tense

This Jordan SkyBox N-Tense Michael Jordan insert comes from the 1995 SkyBox Emotion release. The Emotion set deserves a mention of it's own in a future post, but it's one of the best base basketball sets of the 90's.

The N-Tense insert set features 10 foil-covered inserts of the biggest superstars the NBA had to offer in 1995. The Jordan is the gem of the set for most collectors. Besides the obvious reasons, Jordan is wearing the number forty-five. He wore number forty-five when he came back from his first retirement. The card is beautiful. The gold foiling looks even better in person than on the scan. It has a book value of $40, but typically sells for right around $12 - $16 (click here).


  1. I loved the Skybox Emotion set... can't believe I've never seen this card. Another card to add to my wantlist.

  2. This set is really nice. There are some great looking cards in the set, and it's really very reasonable. The entire set usually sells for around $40-$45. The Kemp and Robinson are the best looking cards IMOP.

  3. Pulled the card out of pack at a card show when I was 15. Man has the worth dropped. Should have sold it years ago.