Thursday, August 5, 2010

MailTime: '95 Topps Grant Hill Collegiate best RC Refractor

So I feel like i've been cheating on my favorite card technology of acetate translucent plastic cards with refractors lately. I've been bouncing from Gold and Atomic Refractors to Blue and xFractors. I just can't get enough of them, and rightfully so. Just take a look at this '95 Topps Finest Grant Hill Collegiate Best RC Refractor. It's one cool looking card, especially when the light hits it the right way.

I've been chasing this card down for quite a bit of time now. I'm actually looking for a bunch of the refractors from the base '95 Topps Finest and Collegiate Best sets. Because of the grey backgrounds and use of color in these cards, they look better than most refractors. Not that a refractor can actually look bad. It also doesn't hurt that many of the players I collect are in that set (B. Hurley, C. Webber, A. Hardaway, G. Robinson, J. Howard, C. Mullin and many more).

Just so it doesn't seem like i'm cheating on the acetate cards, I'll show a few off over the next few days in my next "Mail Time" and "Hoopography Top 25" posts.


  1. Hey Charles... they have a Mullin Collegiate Best refractor at COMC for under $5. Look forward to checking out them acetate cards... I'm still trying to decide which I like more... acetate or refractors.

  2. Thanks for the letting me know Mark. I'm really not sure how COMC works. Do I need to put money in an account first and then I can buy stuff or can I just use Pay Pal?