Friday, August 13, 2010

2010 Basketball HOF/2010 Panini HOF

With the 2010 Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony tonight I thought it would be nice to take a quick look at 2010 Panini HOF. I've been looking forward to this product since I first saw these images several months ago. HOF is scheduled to be released September 1st with a $100 price tag. So what do you get for that $100? It looks like you'll be able to grab some cut signatures and on-card auto's of the best players the Association has ever seen. So what do you think? Are you as excited as I am for Panini's HOF basketball product to come out?

2010 Panini HOF Product Info:

Release Date: Sept 1, 2010
Configuration: 11 Cards, 1 Pack, 15 Boxes
SRP: $100.00

Product Highlights:
- All Autographs are on-card
- Dream Team Marks of Fame (#'d to 49 or Less)
- Dream Team Game Threads - Material Cards featuring regular and prime swatches from the actual game-used 1992 U.S. Men's Olympic Jerseys


  1. I'm definetely stoked for HOF. I can't understand how Panini sees the importance of ON CARD but couldn't make National Treasures without stickers. But at least they got this one right. Should be some fun breaks.

  2. Totally agree G. $400 a box for NT is too high to have sticker auto's. NT is a great looking product. The Rookie Patches have on-card auto's and there are some huge multi-colored patches in NT. I also like the design a lot, but I was really disappointed when I saw all those stickers.

    HOF looks insane. I want a million cases!!!! All my favorite players, on-card auto's and the '92 Dream Team. I think the prices are going to be crazy for singles on eBay.

  3. Dang HOF looks great and the price seems reasonable. I really like the prime patches from the Dream Team jerseys. Too bad you can't pull a Jordan auto though.

    Y'all do make a great point about NT and all of those sticker auto's. $400 is just too much for some base cards, 3 jersey hits, 2 sticker auto's, and an on-card auto of Jeff Teague haha.

    BTW, have y'all noticed that the actual list of players who actually sign for Panini products is kind of disappointing? You can't pull Jordan, Lebron, Wade, Dwight, Chris Paul, Durant, and it seems like there are many more. Any word on if Panini is working on this or if Upper Deck is coming back?

  4. UD is set to release a number of products here in Sept including UD Ultimate and UD UNC. Ultimate will feature on card Ultimate Legends auto's that will be the highlight of that release for sure. Ultimate Legends auto's are the same as the popular football ones that UD released. There is a Jordan on-card auto in that set. Each box will contain 4 cards and ONE auto per box. UD will continue to release NCAA authorized products/auto's, but the still do not have an NBA license.

    HOF looks great!!! 11 cards per box with 2 auto's and one material card. Since Panini is claiming that every auto is on-card, that means 2 on-card auto's per box. Plus parallels, inserts, HOF players and Globetrotter autographs. I haven't busted a box, but it seems like this is a can't miss product.

  5. P.S. Yeah its pretty rough that HOF can not feature Jordan in those Dream Team cards because of his agreement with UD. That would make this product even more insane than I think it already is.

  6. This is by far the best looking product from Panini this year. I might actually go out and drop a few hundred in hopes of landing an Olympic autograph... even if Jordan's autograph isn't in there.

  7. Yeah, I would be happy with any Auto from the Dream Team