Monday, August 16, 2010

What Three Active Pitchers Have Beaten Every MLB Team?

There are between 330-360 active pitchers in MLB today (Formula: 30 teams x 11 and/or 12 pitchers per team). Out of those 330-360 active pitchers, only three have managed to beat every team in MLB during their careers. Sure, you can take the easy way out and Google Search the answer, but it would be so much more fun to test your sports knowledge and take a guess. I'll give you one out of those three pitchers right now.

Javier Vazquez of the NY Yankees completed the feat a few weeks ago on July 21, 2010. The Yanks traded my favorite Yankee at the time Melky Cabrera. I was sadden to see Melky go as he was one of those role players that provided the glue during the World Series run last year, but Vazquez has been a pleasant surprise after a slow start. With a 9-8 record and 4.22 ERA, he's not making a run at the AL Cy Young Award, but he's been very solid as the Yankees 5th starter.

Here's a 1999 SkyBox Autographics card I recently purchased for $2.99 including shipping. Not too bad for an on-card auto of a current player on my favorite MLB team. I love those old school Expos logos too.

Oh, I almost forgot. I'll leave a comment in a day or two on who the other two active players are who have beaten all 30 MLB teams, so take your guesses.