Friday, July 23, 2010

Hoopography Top 25

Just before I made the switch from iWeb over here to, I started a little series of posts counting down my favorite 25 cards I've been luck enough to add to my collection called, "Hoopography Top 25". I started the countdown off with an honorable mention post, consisting of cards that just missed being in the top 25. Those honorable mention cards can be seen in the image to the left. Most of those cards are Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'neal 90's inserts with an Iverson RC refractor thrown in for good measure.

It's really fun going through a countdown like this because it gets collectors to really appreciate the cards they have, instead of the cards they wish they had. I've been lucky enough to add a number of really great cards with a limited budget. No card in my entire collection has cost over $35 and no card you see in this post cost me more than the one outlier at $23. In fact, many of the cards in the countdown I purchased for right around $7 - $12.

I got all the way to number 18 in the countdown before I made the switch over to The first third of the countdown is pretty diverse. There're some cool old school basketball auto's (early 90's is old school to me), some NY Yankees cards and a few of my hometown Buffalo Bills cards. With some of these cards it's really about the player like the Hoops Dreams co-star, Arthur Agee, but it's also about the card design for a few of the others. I love the '97 SPx Cornerstones Jeter/A-Rod design. It's basically the same as the '97 SPx ProMotion basketball and football sets that I'm currently attempting to put together. The '98 EX-2000 Credentials card of Andy Petite also features one of my all-time favorite card design. All-in-all, these are some great cards and they were really fun to add to the collection.

So these are some of my favorite cards, what are some of your own favorites that you've been able to add to your collection? Stay tuned for a post on number 17 in my "Hoopography Top 25" countdown!


  1. It's all about #22 Penny Hardaway. The Penny Hardaway commercials were such a piece of basketball culture back in the day.

  2. If I had to make a list of my top 25 favorite basketball cards, they'd all be from the 1992-93 Skybox USA Basketball set. I LOVED THOSE CARDS. Probably my favorite set of cards from any sport, ever. I was obsessed with that Dream Team... and I've never really even liked pro basketball!

    I need to find a box to bust...

  3. G, I love "LiL Penny". Those Nike commercials are the best. I have a feelin' they will make an appearance on Hoopography.

    Joe, I love the Dream Team as well. All my favorites are on that team. Stay tuned to the Top 25. There is a Dream Team card that is pretty on on the count down.

  4. I'm still searching for a Larry Johnson auto... this is a great blog project. I'm looking forward to seeing you get into the top 10. Maybe one day, I'll copy you and post my top 25.

  5. Mark, def do it. I would love to see what your favorite cards are.

    I love the "Busts" posts. If I had enough cards of big time draft bust I would copy that. I've even thought of collecting bust just to do the posts, but actively searching for Michael Olowokandi and Eric Couch card somehow just doesn't seem right. Plus, I have too many player and insert set collections going already.