Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Remember When These Guys Where The New Guys on The Court?

While riffling through a box of cards, I came across this gem. I'm not sure what company produced this card, but I know its from '90 or '91. Check it out. The card features a young Shaquille O'neal, Kenny Anderson, Stacey Augmon and Larry Johnson. At onetime, these players were the future of the NBA. Certainly, O'neal fulfilled all the predictions of his potential and then some. I was a huge Larry "Grand Ma Ma" Johnson fan back in the day. I thought he was simply a beast during his time with the Charlotte Hornets earlier in his career. He also knocked down a four-point play for my Knicks during the '99 NBA Playoffs (click here). Augmon had a solid 15 year career with five teams. Also known as "The Plastic man", Augmon was a standout defensive player. Kenny Anderson was a basketball prodigy from his days in grade school. By the time the Queens, N.Y. native attended Archbishop Molloy High School, he was one of the heaviest recruited amateur athletes of all-time. Although the speedy left-handed point guard never achieved the unrealistic expectations placed upon him since he was in the sixth grade, he did make the '94 NBA All-Star Team.

This is really a fun card. I love the 90's font on the top lettering of the card. It's really cool to have a card with three separate pics of these players on it. I also like the back of the card. The rad font continues on the back with the top lettering. There's also some really cool descriptions and predictions for each player featured on the card. I blew the card up so you can read them for yourself. Enjoy this little gem and… "Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. I forgot about the Knicks and their run in 99... clutch shot by Johnson. And Kenny Anderson... is one of my favorite college players of all-time.

  2. I'm partial to left handed players for some odd reason, so I was an Anderson fan too.