Monday, July 12, 2010

Which Notable Nickname Would You Want?

Panini's upcoming National Treasures Basketball product will be released August 4th and features some really great looking cards. This'll be Panini's most highend basketball product to date with a $400 price tag. That $400 dollars does not give you much in quantity, but from the looks of the press released images, it will get you plenty of quality. Actually, each box will contain six auto'd and/or memorabilia cards, one insert or rookie card and one less than 99 serial numbered cards in every box.

As of July 13th, Panini has posted 33 images on their Facebook Page of cards that will be included in the National Treasures product. Every card features either an on-card auto, inscription auto, massive multi-colored jersey patch or some awesome combination of auto and patch. It looks like there are some great cards to be had for sure, but I'm really excited for the Notable Nicknames inscription cards. These look great and feature some of the greatest players in NBA history. So the Notable Nicknames cards look great, but which card would you want to add to your collection and maybe more importantly, which nickname would you want to have? Here are your choices:

The "Iceman" was the master of the finger roll during the 70's and 80's. He was also a dangerous offensive player and was really the first star for a fledgling San Antonio Spurs franchise. No doubt, this would be a nice addition to anyones collection and there aren't too many nicknames cooler than "Iceman".

"Mr. Clutch", there really isn't a better nickname for a basketball player that wants to be known for winning and knocking down big shots, but the truth is that Jerry West actually only won one NBA Title. With a nickname like that, you would think "The Logo" would've won a few more titles. Actually, I like "The Logo" nickname even better. I have Mr. West in my all-time top 10 players of NBA and basketball history. He's truly a legend and an inscription auto'd card of his would be the centerpiece of many collectors collections.

Here's my vote for the card I would want out of the set if I had to pick one, and the same goes for the nickname. I love Dominique Wilkins cards. There're so many great inserts of Wilkins from the 90's and great recent auto's (click here). "The Human Highlight Film" certainly earned his name. I don't know of any other NBA players that had as many great in-game dunks as Wilkins (click here). This is a great looking card. The auto and inscription are awesome, but don't overlook Wilkins' classic 80's hightop fade haircut.

Although brief with glimpses of greatness, "The Big Redhead's" place in basketball history is secure. From his time at UCLA to his time as an NBA anaylist, Bill Walton's influence on the game can be felt throughout. This is a really cool inscription.

I really like that Dominique Wilkins card, but this Clyde "The Glide" Drexler card would be my second choice. It's just a fantastic card of an all-time great. I love that Panini used an older picture of Drexler from his time with the Portland Trailblazers. He won an NBA Title with the Houston Rockets, but he became "The Glide" in Portland. If you need a little refresher of when Drexler ruled the Great Northwest skies, (click here).

So there you go. My pick form out of the five cards and nicknames is both Dominique Wilkins. I love the card and "Human Highlight Film" nickname, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of the choices. So which card would you most like to add to your collection and witch is your favorite nickname?


  1. I'm going with 'Nique. The Human Highlight Film really describes him perfectly.

    No Charles "Round Mound of Rebound" card?

  2. HAHAHA, Although I have not seen a complete checklist for National Treasures or this Notable Nicknames set, there are more cards in the set. A "Round Mound of Rebound" Charles Barkley or "Grand Ma Ma" Larry Johnson card would be cool. Maybe my ultimate, would be a "Penny" Anfernee Hardaway. The possibilities are endless for this set. I hope they don't get too crazy on the secondary markets!!!

  3. Oh, man. "The Glide" is nice, but you can never go wrong with "Iceman".

  4. I saw a checklist and Barkley,Shaq, Kevin Durant, and Kobe were on it.

  5. Thanks Anonymous,

    Barkley would be cool. "Black Mamba" is obviously a killer nickname. The Shaq' card is interesting if it's a pic of Shaq' from the Orlando days. "Durantula" is a fun name too. I just can't wait for these cards to come out!!! Thanks again for the update.

  6. If I had to choose from these 5... I'd go with George "Iceman" Gervin. The nickname is simple, but awesome. However... had West signed "The Logo", I'd pick that hands down.

    So Charles, are you planning on busting any of this product?

  7. HAHAHAHA, Mark. I love your sense of humor. It's a great looking product. I think at $400 for 8 cards (6 of witch will be auto's and/or relics) is a good price for what you COULD pull, but that's not really in my budget. I'd love to bust open any of Panini's upcoming products. They have some really intriguing products coming out, but I'm currently on a budget.

    I agree, "The Logo" would be a really great inscription.

    So how bout you Mark? Are you planning on busting any boxes in the next month or two?

  8. I'm going to bust a case! After I sell a kidney...

  9. HAHAHA, don't for get to let everyone know how the surgery goes after you let us know about the contents of the case of course.