Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hoopography's Top YouTube Videos: Kermit's "Happy Feet"

For NBA fans, we're in the doldrums of inactivity between free agency winding down and approximately two long months from the start of the next NBA season. Fortunately, most fans today root for more than one team or sport. I've been catching every NY Yankees game that I can and FIFA's World Cup was a nice distraction too. There'll also be some pretty good international basketball being played in the upcoming FIBA World Championships starting August 18th (click here).

Even with all these great sporting events to enjoy, I still miss the NBA. Whenever that happens, I watch one of my favorite videos on YouTube featuring Sesame Street's favorite green frog, Kermit. This commercial is from the early 90's and was apart of the NBA's "I Love This Game" marketing campaign. Enjoy the video and… "Every Bounce of the Ball".

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