Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who Has the Coolest Nickname in the NFL Today?

So I'm sure there are plenty of current NFL players out there with great nicknames, but Calvin "Megatron" Johnson takes the cake for me. At 6 - 5 and 236 pounds, "Megatron" is one beast of a wide receiver. The second overall pick of the Detroit Lions in the 2007 NFL Draft has put up solid numbers for the Lions with a myriad of Quarterbacks. With second year quarterback Mathew Stafford in the fold now, it looks like the city of Detroit will have a dynamic passing attack for years to come. Johnson should also reach the lofty status of a must have in the hobby by football collectors with the anticipated improvements of his stats and his team.

Most of the football cards I collect are of either current and past Buffalo Bills ballers or Bo Jackson, but I just can't resist collecting cards of a player with the cool nickname of "Megatron". I have a few of his base rookie cards like this '07 Topps RC, but I also picked up this '09 Upper Deck Exquisite triple color patch that you see below as part of my UD Exquisite Football Collection Experiment.

So what do you think? Is "Megatron" the best nickname in the entire NFL or is there another nickname that you like better?


  1. We always made up our own nicknames for players.

    Our favorite was always Barry "The Slippery". As in Barry Sanders.

  2. Man... I've never hear Calvin Johnson called "Megatron". That's pretty cool. My mind is totally drawing a blank when it comes to current players' nicknames. However two of my all-time favorites are:

    The Nigerian Nightmare - Christian Okoye
    The Minister of Defense - Reggie White

    I also liked Jack Tatum's nickname... The Assassin.

  3. G, I love that Nickname for Barry. Way Cool!!!!

    Mark, "The Nigerian Nightmare" is prolly one of the best football nicknames ever.