Friday, July 9, 2010

Holy Gold Refractor Batman

To say I’m a fan of the refractor technology is an understatement. I love the way trading cards looking refracting the full spectrum of the rainbow. I even love the gold refractors like this 1997 Kevin Garnett Topps Finest Gold Refractor more. That’s why I recently added this beautiful looking card to my collection. You’re probably thinking that I got caught up in all the hype surrounding the NBA Finals a few weeks ago and you would actually be partially right.

I was rooting for the Boston Celtics to take down the L.A. Lakers in the Finals and was excited when the Celtics took a three games to two lead over the Lakers. I started running eBay searches for Ray Allen (Jesus Shuttlesworth) and KG cards. However, this Gold Refractor did not come up in any of the searches. Instead, the card only appeared in when I used the search term “gold refractor”. I was in trouble after that.

Between a team I was rooting for looking like they were going to win it all (eventual fools gold) and the gold refractor card technology that I love so much, the perfect storm was at hand. I buying this card no matter what. I usually pride myself on getting many items for below market value as I’m typically a pretty savvy buyer/bidder. This was not the case with this Garnett card. Like I said, it was a perfect storm. Fortunately, just as the sun comes out after stormy weather, so to did the fun and excitement when I got this card in the mail today. This is definitely a purchase that I’m glad I made. keep on enjoying the hobby and “...Every Bounce of the Ball”.

P.S. I just purchased A Juwan Howard Gold Refractor from the same set and can not wait for it to come in!!!

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