Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nike Unveils Its Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2

Nike unveiled its Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2 today in cooperation with video game maker EA Sports. The sneaker features the school colors of Tebow's former University of Florida. Nike and EA paired up on the Trainer 1.2 as Tebow is featured on EA's NCAA Football 2011 game recently released.

So what do you think of Tebow's new kicks. In addition to sports cards, books and posters, I'm a huge sneaker nut. I love the old school kicks and the Trainer 1.2 seems to have a cool Bo Jackson Nike Cross Trainer look to it (click here). I think the colors are a bit loud and abrasive, and I absolutely love it. As any true Nike fan will tell you, you can never go wrong with the exposed air pockets too. What do you think? Are these Nike Tim Tebow Trainer 1.2's a good looking sneaker or just another moon boot?

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