Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The '09 UD Exquisite Football Collection Experiment

UD released its 2009 Exquisite Football Collection in late March. Since then, I've wondered if I could actually add one or two of these awesome cards to my collection. Let's face it, these Exquisite cards aren't too cheap. They feature beautiful designs, great multi-colored patches and on-card auto's all on a thick card-stock. In addition to all those great qualities, they also carry hefty price tags. Whether you're lucky enough to buy a case, box or some singles, you're going to spend a pretty penny. Still, a collector can dream.

Lucky for me, my birthday came around earlier this summer, and I saved a few extra bucks for a birthday gift. I was going to by a box of basketball cards, but I'm like a kid in a candy store when I see new products regardless of sport. Actually, I'm like me in a candy store (Nerds and Vanilla Charleston Chews). So as my birthday approached in June, I decided to use my self-appropriated funds to buy a few '09 UD Exquisite Football cards instead of a box of hoops cards.

I had $100 saved up for my birthday basketball box, so that meant I now had $100 for a few Exquisite Football cards. My goal was to buy five or six cards with that money. So far, I've spent $53 on five cards (including shipping) from that original $100. I think I've done a pretty good job of finding good deals and nice cards that I'm excited to add to my collection. I'm no math major, but that leaves me $47 to add one last really sweet Exquisite card. Here're the five cards I've added to my collection thus far:

('09 UD Exquisite Lee Evans Auto-Biography Hinged Booklet)


  1. Sweet patches!

    I can never really get into football cards. I don't know if it's because I was never a huge football fan growing up or because I like college football so much more, or maybe because it feels so impersonal with everybody wearing helmets and covering their faces.

    About once a year I get an itch for football wax, and this year I'm excited for NCAA Sweet Spot.

  2. Yeah, i WAS the same way. Then about 2 months ago, i got the football card itch. Im a huge Bills fan and I think something about seeing that red and blue has a lot to do with it. I've been picking up a bunch of young bills players cards up before the start of the season. I'm calling it "prospecting", but i'm really just picking up cards of players i'm excited to watch next year. Plus, it makes going to training camp more interesting when you have a few guys to key in on.

    Good luck with the NCAA Sweet Spot cards!!!!!!

  3. Wow... sweet pickups... $53? Where'd you grab these? The local crackhead dumping his Exquisite collection for his daily fix? i'm interested in seeing what you grab with your remaining $47.

  4. HAHAHA, thanx Mark. I'm an eBay junkie I think. Actually, maybe if I deny it, I'm def an eBay junkie, but I've just really tried to be smart about ever purchase. I've noticed that for every 10 wining bids of a particular card on eBay, there are always one or two that are a few dollars cheaper than the other 8. Thanks important to know when buying on a budget.

    The last '10 Exquisite card I'd like to buy is the Jim Kelly/Thurman Thomas Enshrinement Dual Auto, unless I get side-tracked by some other sweet card. I'm not sure if i can pull it off with $47 on that particular card. There was a buy now for $45 a couple of weeks ago, but one of the edges had some wear.