Friday, July 16, 2010

T-Wolves GM David Kahn's Interview on NBATV

Let me preface this post by saying that I did watch the interview live on NBA TV the other night, but I found this video clip over on another blog. NBACHEF is a great blog all about the happenings of the NBA. Unfortunately, it's written all in German. So unless you can read German, you're out of luck. I did talk with the very NBA knowledgeable administrator of the NBACHEF via Facebook about a week, ago and he said he is contemplating writing posts in English too. I'm not sure if he has made a decision on that yet or not, but his blog is definitely worth checking out:

How funny was this interview from Minnesota Timberwolves GM David Kahn? I watched it live on NBA TV the other night. Kahn is a very interesting guy to listen to whenever he opens his mouth, but the real question is, will he turn the Timerwolves around? I lived in Minnesota for almost three years (The last Garnett year and the dismal seasons after Garnett's departure). I have since moved back to Buffalo, NY, but I always try to catch as many T-Wolves games as possible. It's clear Kahan has been getting rid of the McHale layovers (rightfully so), but will he now be able to rebuild with the clean slate he has created?

The T-Wolves are trying to build a "run and gun" team to fill the empty seats in beautiful downtown Twin Cities Target Center Arena. I get why Kahn would want a big man like Darko in that kind of system. Every scout for the past seven NBA seasons and previous Euro seasons has touted Darko as a legitimate seven-footer with quickness, agility, a feathery shooting touch and excellent passing abilities. Those are all necessities in a system like that which Kahn is trying to insititute in Minnesota. It's also an added bonus to have all those skills in addition to Darko's size. The problem is, Milicic has never actually proven any of those scouts right on the court.

I do agree with Kahn that it's worth a shot, and I actually like the direction he is taking the T-Wolves. They have added some talent with Jonny Flynn and Kevin Love. They are young and athletic with skilled big men down low. The drafting of two point-guards in the 2009 NBA Draft back-to-back was a bit head scratching, but the T-Wolves have a player in Ricky Rubio that can be used as a highly valued piece in a trade or could someday end-up running that high octane offense Kahn envisions.

It seems Mr. Kahn is content with slowly building the team with young, athletic and skilled players. Time will tell if Kahn can get it done. One thing is for sure though, he's one great interview!


  1. Webber cracks me up... "We ain't gonna be talkin' about me and Darko in the same sentence".

    Wow... first time I've really watched a Summer League game. I can't believe how sloppy it was. It looked like a pickup game between buddies.

  2. HAHAHA, Webber. He obviously didn't get wat Kahn was saying. He was not comparing their games, just the situation of going to a place where you put it all together and things workout. I know Webber put up good numbers else where, but he played so much better in Sac-Town.

    Yeah… the games are a bit sloppy, but it gives us fans a chance to see the rookies before the start of a season. Plus, you get to see those guys on the bench and understand why some of them don't getting any pt during the real thing.