Friday, July 9, 2010

UDA Michael Jordan HOF Floor Piece

I won a contest on UDA’s Facebook fanpage a while back for merely joining the page. UDA was nice enough to send me one of their Chicago Bulls United Center floor pieces with Jordan Hall of Fame card. It’s really a pretty nice item. I actually like the flip open box that the card and floor piece came in just as much as the as the items themselves.

Both Upper Deck and Upper Deck Authenticated have Facebook Fanpages that they use to disseminate product info and contests/giveaways. Both pages run fun contests quite often, so it is definitely worth joining their pages. You can find both of their Facebook pages along with other industry leaders in the “Favorite Pages” section on the fanpage:

- Here’s a link to UDA’s store where you can purchase or get more info on this item (click here).

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