Friday, July 9, 2010

New Cards Up For Trade

I started posting cards for trade on the Hoopography Facebook Fan Page (click here). I put them in an album entitled, “Trade Bait”. Check it out. If anything, there’re some fun cards to look at if you’re not into trading (I’m actually pretty new to trading myself). I have about 70 cards in the album for trade and will continue to add trade cards. I’m looking for a lot of different cards from $1 cheapies to higher end cards. I mainly collect Chris Mullin, Anfernee Hardaway, Billy Martin, Michael Jordan, Jim Kelly, Warren Spahn, Danilo Gallinari and Larry “Grand Ma Ma” Johnson, but also collect obscure auto’d cards new and old. Here are a few particular cards that I’m looking for: ’95 Emotion N-Tense David Robinson, ’94 Skybox Premium Draft Picks Chris Webber, ’93 Hoops Draft Redemption Card, ’93 Upper Deck Basketball Unredeemed Trade Card and the ’93 Fleer Kenny Walker Auto. I also collect Buffalo Bills, NY Yankees, Buffalo Sabres and endless amount of 90’s insert sets.

The Drexler and Robinson cards are two cards in the “Trade Bait” album. They’re part of a 20 card insert set from the ’95 Upper Deck release. The set features some of the best dunkers from the mid 90’s and includes all of the usual suspects. Obviously, the standout feature of these cards is the gold foil stamping on the left side of the cards. Beckett has the set listed with a $120 book value, and this seller on eBay (click here) has a buy now price of $96. I think both numbers are a bit high and a smart collector could put this set together for a lot less. I love 90’s insert sets and would love to put the set together myself, but I have too many sets going right now.

As many of you know, I collect mostly basketball and a ton of 90's inserts, but I also dabble in football and baseball cards. Here's a few of the other cards up for trade:

Feel free to checkout the Fan Page and “Trade Bait” Album (click here). I think there’s some fun stuff in there.


  1. Sweet. You're all switched over. I already updated your feed in my sidebar. I really hope you have a better time on this platform.

  2. HAHAHAHA, wow. That was cool. I didn't even know anyone could see this yet. I'm still learning everything. it's a lot dif than iWeb. It's difficult to customize the actual site, but I can already tell you can do soooo much more with the posts. Which is the most important part. Thanks G!!!