Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hoopography Top 25 PC Countdown: #5 Shaquille O'neal '93 Hoops Redemption RC

(Shaquille O'neal 1993 NBAHOOPS Redemption RC)

Is there another O'neal RC that was hotter than this 1993 Hoops Redemption RC back in the day? Maybe, but not many. Will I highlight one of those other hot Shaq' RC's in a future Hoopography Top 25 PC Countdown post? Absolutely! But more importantly, did anyone every have a bigger and more squared-off hat sitting on their giant head than that Orlando Magic billboard sitting on the top of O'neal's dome? Not that I could find.

The "Shaq' Attack" was pretty hot back in the mid 90's and this Hoops Redemption card was right in the middle of the "Attack". I love this card. It totally screams 90's with the previously mentioned giant square hat and graphically rad necktie. The card once had a huge $100+ book value, but now has a more modest $60 value. Luckily for collectors, this O'neal gem can be had for an eBay price of $25 - $35. Not bad for one of Shaq's most sought after RC's.

Between the 90's feel this card oozes and the amount of time I spent fogging up my local card shop's showcase glass, this '93 Hoops Redemption O'neal RC takes the #5 spot on the Hoopography Top 25 PC Countdown. Stay tuned for the top four cards in the countdown and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. I still pick up Shaq rookies whenever I find them cheap... but I've never had this card in my collection... it's always been too pricey. One of these days... maybe I'll pull the trigger and pick one up.

    Damn... only 4 cards left... I'm going to miss this series. I wonder what you'll have in store for us next. Enjoy the holiday.

  2. - Mark, there is one currently on eBay for a Buy Now of $23. You might be able to put an offer in on COMC' for around $15 - $20. Good Luck!!!

    If you like Shaq' RC's, stay tuned to the countdown!!! I might do another countdown post today.