Thursday, November 18, 2010

Template Woes

In my never ending quest to create the best sports memorabilia blog I can put together, I spent the bulk of my free time (all be it limited) looking for a new blog template for Hoopography. I found some nice templates that I tried out, but I wasn't able to customize any of them. This led me back to the Awesome Inc. template that I've been using since I switched over to from Apple's iWeb blogging service. It's not that I don't like the Awesome Inc. template. It's just that I think it could be better. Mainly, it looks a bit old and is pretty basic.

In an ever changing world, and an even faster changing tech world, the templates are pretty pedestrian. Unfortunately, my basic knowledge of HTML code and limited time means I'm not going to attempt to build a template of my own. For now, I'm going to continue to tweak the Awesome Inc. template until updates its templates. Happy collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. I found the one I am using here.

    I then google searched on how to change certain things like colors, widths, gadgets, etc. Just remember to back up before you make changes in case you make a mistake, I learned that the hard way.

  2. I'm old school brother... I like the "basic" look... besides, I never check out the blog for the visual stimulation (except for the great videos you post... they're pretty cool)... I come here to read your awesome posts!

  3. I feel your pain. I think templates really have to reflect your style personally. It's not for the audience as much as it is for your own sense of 'belonging' to your site. That's how I feel anyways. Maybe I'm weird. Ok. I AM weird. But maybe you know what I'm talking about.

    When I see my template, it fits me. It's not flashy, but it fits the tone I like to associate myself with. You'll find your perfect template - it's out there.

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    - G, I totally know what you mean. The templates, just as the posts themselves, reflect our personalities. I like the dark background of the template I use because I feel the words and memorabilia items jump off the page. I guess I would just like a template that looks a bit more professional. I'll start looking again for a new template in a few months or so. For now, back to the memorabilia. I recently got a few items in and am pumped to post them!!!