Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chase For The Cup: 2010 Upper The Cup

Tyler Meyers 2010 Upper Deck The Cup
In my never ending quest to build a solid Buffalo Sabres collection, I've managed to add another card to my 2010 UD The Cup endeavor. Tyler Myers might only be a defenseman, but I think he's the best young defenseman in the NHL. That means he'll be in Buffalo for a longtime. With that in mind, I grabbed this 2010 UD The Cup Foundations Quad Jersey card.

UD's The Cup is a great product and singles are selling very nicely on eBay. This is my first Myers card, but hopefully not my last. Sabres young and speedy forward Tyler Ennis is my next Sabres Target.


  1. Hey C... nice pickup... btw... what's up with Miller? four games with 4 or 5 goals allowed? I don't have access to the games... just curious... is it him, the defense, or just bad luck?

  2. Last nights game was Miller's first game back from injury. He has not played in about 4-5 games because of the injury. The Sabres' backups have been playing. With that said, they've won 3 of 4 and lost in overtime in the other game (7 out of 8 possible points). The Sabres are looking better. Now with Miller back, hopefully they can sustain the success.

  3. Yeah... I was bummed when I heard about the injury... I'm glad he's back though. Good luck with those Sabres... I hope Miller wins the Vezina!