Sunday, November 28, 2010

Should The NFL Have A Team In L.A.?

It seems the NFL has wanted a team back in the second largest market in America since the Raiders left L.A. after the 1994 season. ESPN's Outside The Lines (OTL) did a piece this week on the likely hood of L.A. acquiring a team anytime soon. The segment was very well done as most OTL pieces are, and brings up a number of important questions. As this topic affects all readers/sports fans, I'll pose those questions to you. Will L.A. acquire a team in the next five years? Should L.A. get an NFL franchise, and what franchise will eventually move to L.A.?                                             (Third Party and RSS Feed readers, click here to view OTL video)


  1. I'll be honest... I have no right to speak on this issue, because I don't know enough about it. However... I'm a big fan of old school... and would love to see the Rams play there again.

  2. I would love to have an NFL team here in LA, as long as it's 100% privately owned. But I know that will never happen, no matter what AEG or Ed Roski say. These greedy billionaires will eventually want the city to front some part of the financing. This is one of two reasons why I'm against a team in LA.

    The county and the state are broke. As a taxpayer, I don't want any part of my hard earned money going towards a football team, especially when there are other priorities in California and Los Angeles County. If Orange County wants a team, more power to them. If they wanna call themselves "Los Angeles" whatever, fine. The Anaheim Angels are already doing it.

    The other issue is downtown LA. That's the worst possible place for a stadium. There's already too many traffic problems downtown. Adding a football stadium will make matters worse. I was at the LA Auto Show last Sunday, which is in downtown LA, right nextdoor to the Staples center and Nokia Theater. At the same time as the Auto Show, the Laker game and American Music Awards were going on. Let's just say it was nightmare getting out of downtown LA. Imagine a football stadium there as well? If there were four events going on at once? I don't want to think about it.

    No football in Los Angeles. Like I said if OC wants one, fine. Plus, I don't want the Bills or Jaguars or 49ers. I want a team with some ties to the area like the Rams, Raiders or Chargers.

  3. @dodgerbobble, very well said. I completely understand your point regarding the team being solely privately owned. I do not feel the tax payers should have to pay for a professional sports franchise or a stadium.

    In the end, I think either the Chargers or Jaguars WILL be in L.A. before the decade is out and probably much sooner.