Friday, November 19, 2010

'08 Upper Deck Ultimate Legends Jim Kelly Autograph

Jim Kelly and the Buffalo Bills of the 90's are legends here in the Buffalo/WNY area. Sure, they didn't win "the big one or four", but it sure was one heck of a ride. Those were fun times for Bills fans. Every game was exciting, and those teams were loaded with talent and characters. Kelly was certainly one of those talented characters. He had a gun of an arm and was tough as nails. I think I can speak for Bills fans everywhere when saying he is missed on he field.

Although missed here on the field, Kelly is still active in the Buffalo/WNY area. He's a resident of the area and is active in a number of charities including his own called Hunter's Hope. Hunter's Hope is a foundation setup in remembrance of Kelly and his wife's late son Hunter. The mission of the foundation is to bring awareness to Krabbe Disease and related Leukodystrophies. In addition to his charitable work, there has been talk of interest in purchasing the Bills from a group lead by Kelly and other former players. Then again, there's always whispers of the team being sold or even moving.

As for the Ultimate Legends Kelly Auto, it came in earlier this week and is one sweet looking on-card Kelly auto. These Ultimate Legend auto's are highly sought after by collectors every year and for good reason. They feature auto's of the best players from past decades on a cool foil surface. Upper Deck finally released a basketball version in their Ultimate basketball product, but that's a story for an upcoming post. For now, I'm just going to enjoy a card of quite possibly the biggest Bills legend of them all.


  1. Upper Deck sure knew what they were doing back in 97... That set is definitely LEGENDARY. Sweet pickup Charles... I'm trying to get my hands on the Bosworth auto from this set.

  2. It just so happens I'm going after the same Boz card. Actually, I'm looking for three. All recent UD Auto's.

  3. Okay... we'll have to make sure not to get into a bidding war. If you see one... go get it. I'm sure I'll get mine one of these days.

  4. there is one on eBay right now. It's a card I want, but there are like 15 cards on eBay right now that I want. Most of those Ultimate Legends Boz cards sell for around $20+. I don't think I'm into it for that, but If it stays around $5 - $12 i'm interested.

    If you want it, go for it. Just let me know If you ARE going to bid or not. Like I said, I could be out quick as I've seen many of them sell for more than I want to pay. Plus, you're a Seahawks fan. It's your choice by default.

  5. I'd be willing to pay around $15... but it's all yours. I'm not going to bid on it. See if you can grab it for your PC.