Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010 Upper Deck The Cup PC Additions

2010 UD The Cup Thomas Vanek Signature Patches
I was really excited when Upper Deck released preview images of their 2010 The Cup product a few months ago on their Facebook page. This product single handily got me ready for the NHL season to start. Unfortunately, my Buffalo Sabres haven't gotten off to the kind of start I and many other fans were expecting, but the season is still young. Now to the cards!!!

2010 UD The Cup
Chris Butler Rookie Patch/Auto
I've been on a mission to add a few of these Stanley Cup worthy cards to my collection, and my first couple purchases have arrived. I have two more cards coming from this year's Cup product, but these first two cards of Thomas Vanek and Chris Butler are awesome. They look great on screen, but trust me, these look even better in-hand. Both cards have on-card auto's and multi-colored patches. Two attributes that are highly desired by all collectors.

With all the complaints I've heard from collectors lately about tiny single colored patches and sticker auto's, mine included, Upper Deck really delivered with 2010 The Cup. That's why my hunt will continue so I can bag a few more cards from this extremely well thought out and executed product.


  1. Those are both very nice. I like the hockey stuff that's coming out this year from all the companies.

  2. Nice pickups... I wish I could afford Sharks autographs from The Cup... I may have to drop a few of my PCs.

  3. - Mark, they really aren't too bad. Both of those cards combined cost just under $20.00 including shipping. $10 a card isn't too bad. The Sabres are off to a slow start, so i'm sure that has something to do with the lower prices. I'm still looking to add a few Sabres RC's of Tyler Meyers and/or Ennis from The Cup, but it would be a stretch for those guys, as far as price goes.

  4. - TJ, the hockey stuff is great this year. All the designs are simple and clean. This is the first year that I've really gotten into really trying to pick up some hockey cards.

  5. In that case... I'll have to head over to eBay and go Shark hunting ;-) By the way... sent you an email about some cards I was interested in... lmk if we can work something out.