Friday, November 5, 2010

Cleveland's "What Should I Do?" Response

Nike released a much talked about LeBron James TV commercial a couple of weeks ago. I thought the media coverage was a bit overblown, but that isn't anything over today's norm. The "What should I do" Nike commercial has sparked a new video that's making the rounds on YouTube. Rather than asking, "What Should I do?", how's about what do you think about this response from Cleveland fans?


  1. I love it... great video.

    As for Lebron... I'm glad he said he would have handled it differently. It show's that he's capable of admitting he made a mistake. Just like Kobe... he'll win some of his fans back by doing what he does best... playing basketball. But there will always be fans who will never forgive him either.

  2. Yeah, I'm all for having the choice to play where ever an athlete wants. I just think he went about it the wrong way.

    As for the video, I think it's really well done, funny and spot on.

  3. I have to agree. This video is very well done. Kudos to whomever put it together...