Thursday, December 16, 2010

Poster Review: THE LAND OF BOZ

Why am I such a big fan of Brian "The Boz" Bosworth"? He certainly was a dominant football player at the University of Oklahoma during the mid 80's, but that's not why I'm such a fan. It certainly isn't because of his NFL career either. He only played two seasons. I'm a fan of Bosworth mostly because of the crazy mullet he rocked, and because he will forever be linked to Mr. Bo Jackson (click here). There are about 5 or 6 Bosworth cards I'm after and two of those cards feature dual auto's with Bosworth and Jackson. Actually the card in the "click here" link above is in my top 5 most wanted. Surprisingly, there are a few other collectors out there like me who are after some of Boz's cards. That means his cards sell for a lot more than you would think for a guy who barely played two seasons in the NFL.

The poster is pretty well done like many of the sports posters from back in the 80's. All the characters from the Wizard of Oz film are represented, but my favorite part of the entire poster is that the kid's #44 jersey has "Bozkin" on it. Also, the rock on the right side of the poster off the yellow brick road reads, "There's No Place Like Dome". Click here for an insanely  priced BIN eBay auction. I've seen these sell for under $20.

- Fun Fact: Bosworth was an Academic All-American at the University of Oklahoma in 1986.
Fun Fact: Bosworth was a 2x first team All-American for the University of Oklahoma in 1985 and '86.
Fun Fact: Bosworth is the only collegiate player to win the Dick Butkus Award twice (1985 and '86).


  1. Great post... this poster is awesome, but not for $50. I can't wait until you get a Boz/Bo dual auto... then we won't have to bid against each other... jk... those cards are way too rich for my blood. They are excellent post material though.

  2. We have a signed mint condition "Land of Boz" poster. My husband was friends with him and this was a gift. Let me know if you are interested.

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  4. @erika -

    uh, yes plz!

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