Tuesday, December 14, 2010

KICKS: Nike Air Mag 2015, They Are Back… From The Future

Oh how sweet a hoverboard would be!
If Nike could sell millions of pairs of kicks because of the on-court exploits of Michael Jordan, just imagine how many pairs of Nike Air Mag 2015's the sporting apparel company could have sold because of the totally rad hoverboard skills of Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future II.

Like many other movie goers, I'm a huge fan of the Back to the Future film franchise. The movies were fun, imaginative and incorporated some really great 80's design. I also love all things kicks, so the Air Mag 2015's are really a perfect fit for me (cheesy play on words).

The look of the Air Mags are certainly cool,  and unique for the time. Actually, if you really look closely at them, it's certainly easy to see similarities of popular Nike kicks that came after these Back to the Future kicks. Did designers at Nike secretly incorporate design elements from the Air Mags as precursors to a potential future release of the iconic costume sneaker?
Nike Air Pump,                                           Nike Air Jordan XI's,                                          Nike Air Hyperdunk
That little theory might just be a little far fetched, but it does seem that Nike has some interest in the Air Mags. If you believe the rumors, and I always do when they suit me, Nike filed a patent for power laces. If you remember, Mcfly didn't even have to lace up his Nikes. They automatically lace themselves when the user slips their foot into the sneaker. Although the idea of automatic laces being placed on an Air Mag designed sneakers from the film is wishful thinking, it's not a far fetched assumption. This assumption is fairly valid since Nike used the Air Mag silhouette and basic design in the patent filings it sent to the World Intellectual Property Organization on November 5th, 2009 (click here!).

When could these futuristic kicks from the past show up on shelves? Since Marty Mcfly wore the Air Mags in 2015, I'm guessing Nike is working on getting these ready for that future date. One things for sure, I better not mess up the space time continuum. I don't want to have to go back to the future to get a pair of these kicks. That would be heavy!

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  1. I loved the Back to the Future trilogy... as for the kicks... I never knew they actually had a name... Air Mag 2015 huh? Crazy... they kind of remind me of my snowboarding boots.

    I also didn't know that Nike had their own version of the Pump. Btw... Charles you should be receiving a package in the next few days... so keep your eyes posted.

  2. @Fuji, I'll give you the snowboarding boots. I can see it. I still want a pair, if and when Nike come out with them.

    I'lll keep my eyes open. Thanks Mark!!!

  3. Very Great Idea, Hope every thing goes success and thank you for giving good post.