Friday, December 17, 2010

Is Tonight's Knicks Heat Game The Start Of A Renewed Rivalry?

Is tonight's Knicks Heat game the start of a renewed rivalry? I think the Knicks and Heat are going to play prominent roles in the Eastern Conference over the next few seasons. The Heat for obvious reasons. The Knicks are also interesting. They're on a hot streak this month, but it's the moves they made this past off-season and potential future moves that make them a possible contender in the East for years to come. Especially when you take a quick look at the contracts coming off the books at the end of this season, manly, Eddie Curry. So tonight's game should be interesting and hopefully the start of a heated rivalry. For Jeff Van Gundy's sake, let's hope he manages to stay out of the potential rivalry.


  1. I think you may be right, I haven't heard this much buzz around the city and on sports talk radio about the Knicks in probably 10 years.

  2. I hope Miami gets the #1 seed... and the Knicks grab the 8th... and the Knicks embarrass the hell out of them.

  3. HAHAHA, I hope so too Fuji, but tonite didn't go so well. Maybe they can rebound in the next game, but this was a disappointing game to watch.