Tuesday, December 21, 2010

UCONN Basketball Breaks Win Streak Record

The UCONN Huskies broke one of the most impressive records in all of sports tonight by defeating Florida State 93-62. The UCLA 88 game win streak is a record that I think most sports fans and historians thought would never be broken. To imagine that a group of people could maintain focus and motivation for that duration of time is incredible.

I watch a lot of sports, but UCONN basketball is different. I've seen a number of the games during the streak and one thing stands out, discipline to perfection. In this imperfect world, perfection is indeed impossible, but the desire for perfection is certainly impressive. Congrats to the UCONN basketball team. "… Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. This record is insane! 89 wins in a row! 53 of those games were by 30 or more points... and only two teams came even close to beating them... Baylor loss by 1 in Nov. and Stanford loss by 6 in the NCAA tourney... everyone else loss by 10 or more points. Simply insane!

  2. Congrats to UConn Women. It's tough doing what they did. I really want to see a breakdown in the level of competition each team faced. Did the UCLA men have a more difficult road to 88?

  3. dodgerbobble - I don't know about the Wooden & the Bruins... but the Huskies have faced their fare share of top 20 teams:

    2010/11: beat #2 Baylor, #10 Ohio State, #20 Florida State

    2009/10: beat #2 Stanford (NCAA tourney), #3 Notre Dame, #7 North Carolina, #7 Duke, #8 Notre Dame, #8 West Virginia (2x... they were ranked #8 both times they played), #11 Florida State (2x... once in the NCAA tourney), #11 Georgetown, #12 Oklahoma, #13 Texas, #14 Baylor (NCAA tourney), #16 Iowa State (NCAA tourney)

    2008/09: #2 Louisville (NCAA tourney), #2 North Carolina, #3 Stanford (NCAA tourney), #4 Oklahoma, #7 Louisville, #10 Louisville, #10 CAL (NCAA tourney), #12 Arizona State (NCAA tourney)

  4. Fuji - Thanks. That's pretty damn impressive.