Friday, December 31, 2010

Yet Another 90's Insert Set: '97 Ultra Court Masters Update

'97 Ultra Court Masters Gary Payton
I've been working diligently on putting the 1997 Ultra Court Masters insert set together for several months now. I recently added this Gary Payton to my ongoing '97 Ultra Court Masters collection. That makes nine out of the fifteen card insert set accounted for (You can view the other eight by clicking here). I have some of the tougher or more expensive cards in the set out of the way with the Shaquille O'neal, Anfernee Hardaway, David Robinson, Stockton and Malone cards, but there's still a few pricey ones to go like the Jordan. Of course, if anyone out there has any cards from this set and is looking to trade, checkout my trade album and let me know.

The appeal of these cards for me is a colorful acetate background and 90's stars. This Payton is no different. However, I wish the old Seattle Supersonics uniform was featured, but it's still cool non-the-less.

The Payton isn't exactly the most sought after card in the set, but it's always nice for a collector to add a card from a set they're putting together. Also, this one didn't really set me back too much. Actually, this is the cheapest card out of the nine I have from the set at $7.00 shipped. Not too bad. So nine down and six to go.


  1. Congrats on the collection so far. Good luck completing it.

  2. The Glove was one of my favorite players during the 90's... nice pickup.