Sunday, December 12, 2010

Remembering Actioned Packed Football Cards

Do you remember the Actioned Packed football cards? These came out during the early 90's and featured a raised surface with large player images. I know it's tough to make out the almost 3D like surface in the scan, but it's unmistakable in hand.

There are tons of these cards out there, and you can pick one of these up for less than a dollar. I've had this The All-Madden Team Thurman Thomas card in my collection really since I've been collecting. Between the Bills' red, white and blue team colors and the unique surface, this is one cool looking card.

Aside from that raised surface, the card is unique in another way. It's not a bunch of sheets of cardboard laminated together to form one card stock. Instead, it's three panels of one single piece of paper folded together. This makes for a very rigid and relatively thick card for the time. It's also a very durable card. Between the rigidness and the rounded corners, these cards tend to stay in great shape even after nearly 20 years.

I blew the card up so hopefully you can see how the sides are folded. Enjoy the football today and… "Every Bounce of the Ball.


  1. These cards were great. I remember the chase cards being the 24KT gold rimmed cards. And I remember the stories news programs would do on these cards calling the the first cards blind kids could enjoy. Those were the days - having blind kids fondle raised man parts for a news segment.

  2. Charles... you beat me to the punch. I just scanned a few of these on Friday for a future post... oh well. Great minds think alike I guess. I loved these cards... and I'm still trying to get my hands on one of those 24kt gold cards.

  3. Def post it. I'm sure many collectors would love to see those cards.