Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poster Review: Nolan Ryan "Texas Ranger" Nike Poster

Nolan Ryan "Texas Ranger" Nike Poster (1989)
Texas Ranger fans and poster hunters alike, this is one of the coolest vintage posters out there. It screams awesomeness almost as much as a Nolan Ryan fastball screaming toward a bruised pitcher's hand. "The Ryan Express" played 27 seasons in the Majors finishing with the Texas Rangers in 1993. He left the Houston Astros because of a contract dispute and joined the Rangers in '89. Of course, the marketing wizards at Nike had to jump all over the legends career move.

The idea behind the poster is obvious and simple. Ryan is being depicted as a Texas Ranger lawman who disseminates justice through his gun of an arm. There are even baseballs in the gun holsters. Nice touch be Nike. Ryan lived up to expectations during that first season with the Rangers by going 16 and 10 in 32 starts with a 3.20 ERA and 301 strikeouts. Not too shabby for a then 42 year old.

The post is of course out of print and that usually means it sells for a house payment, however, I found a couple reasonably priced copies for sale on eBay (click here). I would go with the "Best Offer" auction and see what happens. Here's a completed "Live Auction" from a week ago that was a great deal (click here). Just goes to show that patience can be a collectors best friend, or at least a wallets best friend.

Whether it's for your den, dorm room or man cave, iconic sports posters can be that centerpiece item to finish off a room. After a 60 inch plasma TV of course. Enjoy the poster hunt and… "Every Bounce of the Ball".

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  1. This is one brings me back to my youth. I didn't have this poster, but my buddy did.


  2. @All, thanks for reading guys. This is a fun poster!!!

  3. I've never seen this one... but damn... wouldn't this thing look sweet with an autographed... and framed. Thanks for sharing Charles!

    1. I do have the some poster with his signature and ready to sale

  4. Bought this poster and got Nolan Ryan to autograph it in the early 90's....gave it to my brother for his birthday. He had it framed and it's been hanging in his office ever since. Wonder what it's worth......

  5. I found one of these in a storage locker I bought it is signed by Nolan Ryan and framed... It is really nice! I found a box of baseball cards never open and they say Nolan Ryan on them.. Dont reall no if I should keep them all and leave them to my sons or sale them.. but It was a shock to see them!!!

  6. I have this one but it is not a customary poster. It is more like 1/8" advertising board. What is it worth?

  7. Is this for sale? I had this at one point but my boys made off with it