Friday, January 14, 2011

How Long Do You Expect To Wait For eBay Items?

So I went out to the mailbox today expecting to receive a card I recently purchased. It's my first Upper Deck Black card, and I'm pretty excited about. The problem is that I've been waiting for almost two weeks. I was just about to leave an email for the seller requesting my card. However, I forgot the card was coming all the way from Japan and should be in early next week.

I was a little premature in wanting to email the seller, but I'm really excited about getting that little manila envelope. This got me wondering how long most collectors expect to wait for an item purchased on eBay or any of the other secondary market sources. I typically wait a week before I'll contact the seller. I understand we're all busy and this isn't a primary source of income/job for most sellers. So I think a week or so is plenty of time to get an item out to a buyer, providing they're not from overseas of course.

- Question: So how long do you expect to wait for eBay items you've won? What's a reasonable time frame?


  1. yeah. A week. It doesn't take more than 5 business days to ship US mail coast to coast, so I get annoyed when it takes longer than that. Unless it's free shipping, anything more than 10 days is outrageous. Most ebay sellers charge too much for shipping anyway, so if I pay for it, I want it asap.

    Of course, overseas shipping is a different story.

  2. Well as an overseas collector I allow 3-4 weeks from the date of purchase although I usually receive my packages in under 2 weeks. If I'm buying something within the country then I expect to receive the card within a week.

  3. With the exception of overseas transactions... I'd say a 3 to 7 days is average (and acceptable). Anything past 10 days is ridiculous.

  4. @ All, I think most would say within a week at the latest for US shipping. Anything overseas is a crap shoot. It shouldn't take too long, but I know some sellers only ship on certain days.

    @ Tony Mc, I don't know how you do it. I get so excited when I purchase an item. I buy something from overseas every once and awhile. The 3-4 weeks is brutal sometimes.