Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Jordan Collection Part 3: '97 Upper Deck SPx Force

'97 Upper Deck SPx Force (M. Jordan, J. Stackhouse, M. Richmond and L. Sprewell)
I have quite a few Michael Jordan cards in my collection, but none might be as cool looking as this 1997 Upper Deck SPx Force insert card. The hologram featuring four former NBA stars (Jordan, Richmond, Stackhouse and Sprewell) is impressive and the die cut is extreme. However, the burnt orange background is what really brings this card together.

Upper Deck's early SPx products of the mid 90's were all about innovation and creativity. SPx offered collectors something different that the tradition trading card. That forward thinking design mentality is alive and well today in the SPx line with the very cool hockey and football Shadow Box cards. Although Upper Deck has done a nice job with the SPx line, I don't think the tree would be flourishing like it has without it's early roots.

The '97 SPx Force cards are rare with an insertion rate of 1:360, and there are only five cards in the set. I have three of those cards, so I should just get the other two to complete the set. The book value is $50.00 on this Jordan one (there are two different Jordan cards in the set) and they usually sell pretty close that $50.00. There are also auto'd versions that obviously sell for quite a bit more.

As far as Jordan inserts go, this is one cool looking card that I'm excited to have in my Jordan Collection. Thanks for reading and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. Very nice. I have a baseball card similar to this w/ Jeter, A Rod, Chipper Jones Rey Ordonez.

  2. That's a great looking card for sure. SPx has always been pretty fun.

  3. @ Colbey, that card would be for trade… would it?

    @ G, thanks. I'm not a fan of the recent SPx Jersey cards, but the other stuff is nice. Especially the older stuff this Jordan.

  4. Sweet looking card... UD sure had something special with these die-cut cards and hologram technology.