Thursday, January 6, 2011

Poll: Would You Rather Have Vince Young As Your Teams Starting QB Next Season?

So it looks like Vince Young will be available for your NFL team to pick up this off-season. There's no questioning the former 3rd overall pick's physical talent. However, it seems the Tennessee Titans are not happy with the quarterbacks maturity and professional development.

I get that Young is a dynamic 27 year old football player, but I do not want him as the starting quarterback of my Bills. That's actually really saying a lot with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm in Buffalo. Not that there really is any chatter about Young coming to the Bills. Ultimately, I think Young will end up in Arizona or Miami. Both make some sense as physical talent/potential typically win out with pro GM's (accept with teams like the Patriots). They just draft and sign smart, professional football players and keep on winning.

So that's my take. I'm voting "No" in this one. What's your vote?


  1. I say no. I am a Jets and Saints fan so I am more then happy with the quarterback situation on bothe those teams. After them I also root for the Giants and still say no thank you.

  2. I'm a Redskins fan. I don't think Donovan McNabb will be in Washington next year, so I'd take a chance on Vince. Is there anything else out there?>

  3. Ummm... Vince Young or Aaron Rodgers... no debate on that one. However... Vince Young or Matt Hasselbeck? It's tough... since it's about time for Matt to move on... but would I want Vince to take his place? Probably not.

    I vote "no" for both of my teams.

  4. I would never take a chance on vince. He's inconsistent, not to mention...unstable!