Thursday, March 31, 2011

DIII Dunker With 50 Inch Vert Gets Voted Into The NCAA Slam Dunk Contest

What do you think? Does 5'11'' DIII baller Jacob Tucker have the goods to win the NCAA Slam Dunk Contest tonight on ESPN 2 (9:00 PM ET)? I say, "YES". I think Tucker's repertoire of dunks could beat out say a guy jumping over a strategically placed automobile in maybe an even more prestigious dunk contest. That's just my humble opinion, but what say you?


  1. WOW! that's really all you can say. I'm a 6' white boy, and I could dunk my freshman year of college (60 pounds ago), but I couldn't do anything remotely crazy. That's just ridiculous.

  2. @Spankee, hahaha… I can't just write blog posts all day. I have to work too.