Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Jordan Collection (Part 8): '92 Fleer Pro-Vision

'92 Michael Jordan Fleer Pro-Vision
I've posted some of the rarer items I have in these The Jordan Collection series posts, but this 1992 Fleer Pro-Vision card is as far from rare as they come. Actually, you can add this card to your collection for right around $.99. There are thousand of these Pro-Vision Jordan cards floating around. Yet, it's abundance and lack of book value don't take anything away from it one bit. It's a great example of how junk wax really isn't junk wax.

Alright, I'm sure some readers are saying, "What does this blogger know? He doesn't even have the right year in the caption under the card". Actually, the card is from the '92 Fleer set. I have absolutely no idea why it says Fleer '91 on the front of the card, but it does. The card is part of a six card insert set called "Pro Vision". It's a fun set that features the likes of Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Magic Johnson among others. The set has a modest $4.00 book value that certainly wont break the bank. If you are looking to put together a fun and inexpensive set, Fleer Pro Vision is a great candidate. Here is an eBay link to some current Pro Vision auctions (click here).

Happy Collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. I have the Magic Johnson outta this set, I always wanted the MJ, I might have to finally pick it up!

  2. I confess... I use the "junk wax era" terminology all of the time... but you're right... this stuff is far from junk. I'm a huge fan of both the baseball and basketball Pro-Visions from the early 90's.

    By the way... it's has 91 on the front of the card... because it came out of series one packs of 1991-92 Fleer basketball.

    I guess one of these days I'm going to have to see if I have any of these floating around my collection. Thanks for sharing Charles!

  3. @ Chris, good luck putting it together.

    @Fuji, thanks for the lesson. I had no idea why it said "Fleer 91" on there and I didn't have enough time this week to research it. The baseball Pro-Vision cards are def cool too.

    1. Hey I have had this card tucked away in my collection...though its signed by the hang time king! I recently found it and out of curiosity found your blog...if you'd like a look my email is: