Thursday, March 3, 2011

Poll: Topps Five Star VS. Panini National Treasures VS. Upper Deck SP Authentic

All three of the major trading card manufacturers (Panini, Topps & Upper Deck) recently released 2010 football products in the last week or so. So which product is best? I understand Upper Deck SP Authentic Football is not even near the same price point as Five Star or National Treasures, but it was just released and makes for a nice three product comparison.

All three have their pros and cons. National Treasures has some very nice rookie patches, shields and auto's. Topps Five Star features booklets, inscription auto's and only on-card auto's. Finally, Upper Deck SP Authentic gives collectors 24 five card packs with 3 hits per box for $125, but no NFL team logos (if the college thing bothers you). So what does all this mean for collectors? It's simple, choice.

All the early preview images released by each company for these products look fantastic as usual, but there's more to a product than a few preview images. Here are eBay search links you can checkout to get a better idea of each product (Panini National Treasures, Topps Five Star and Upper Deck SP Authentic). So which overall product do you like better? Please feel free to comment on which product you chose and why?


  1. I think it's Five Star, hands down. Nice design and on-card autos seems the way to go if you are crazy enough to spend that kind of money.

  2. Panini should be ashamed of themselves for sticker autos at that price point. But if a person was crazy enough to spend like that, you go for Topps and on-card autos.

  3. I hear you guys with the money concerns. I voted for UD SP. I like some of the legend auto's and legend jersey cards in the product. Topps Five Star has some sweet inscription auto's. Gotta love that!! I really like the Panini NT RC auto patches, RC Auto Shields and RC Auto Reebok patches, however, the regular jersey cards are ugly (wrong jersey placement on the card). I know there are some really nice on-card auto's in NT, but any sticker auto's, even one, is a no-no in a product at that price point.

  4. It's close for me... 3 or 4 boxes of SP Authentic or 1 box of Topps Five Star... I think in the end, I go with 9 to 12 boxes of 2008 Masterpieces... but since that's not an option... I'd go with Topps 5 Star... and their on-card autographs.

  5. Greg,
    sp authentic doesn't belong in the conversation with the other 2. positives. for five star is the 1)on card autos and 2) booklet or double auto card the negative for five star is 1) very small, round 'patches,' when i think patch i think a lot bigger jersey piece then what topps has. the non-auto jersey are real weak. they are all one color thats terrible. althought he patches on the books seem to be pretty good. 2) the player content in five star is very weak for a premium prodect. the legends are art monk, howie long types. awesome players, dont get me wrong but they are definately really the lowest quality 'legends' topps can get away with in the product. the legends are lower tier legends and the veterans are very weak. a lot of semistars such as ray rice, matt forte, rashard mendenhall. they have some top guys in the booklets but not on the non auto booklets. the top guys are brees, s.young and namath. those are the top guys of non rookies and that is very weak. no j.rice, montana or marino, sanders type guys in any significant # in this product. obviously your psyched with a tebow or bradford but for every one of them there is 5 of damian williams, ben tate, jonathan dwyer. the books are awesome but when its arrelious benn how excited can you get? and how weak is the red zone rookie autos. thats terrible, very weak
    national treasures has 8 hits but a lot of them are small jersey cards of not so great players. and they have some rookie autos of guys that are going to play 1 or 2 years in the nfl.
    HOWEVER WHATS GOOD ABOUT THE PRODUCT IS THERE IS USUALLY one good veteran auto and the last hit in the pack/box is an on-card auto with some sick patches. natioanl treasures does have a better player selection but they have some cut autos of guys who are still alive. thats up there with the sticker autos.
    im definately not impressed with either product. yeah they're good hits in the products but for $400 or $500 the product is not nearly as good as it should be, when a box of either product is the price it is!