Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Panini Announces HD Video Trading Cards

At the 2011 Industry Summit Monday, Panini announced it will release video trading cards called Panini HD. You can view Panini's CEO, Mark Warsop, as he gives industry insiders and retailers a sneak peek at this evolution in trading card technology. The cards will be autographed and feature a video of the player signing the actual card.

This is a very interesting idea, and I guess it was really only a matter of time. Panini HD is certainly 21 century stuff. Unfortunately, I think these cards will be extremely limited. Which of course means, insane secondary market prices. So what do you think? Is Panini HD a cool idea or just another industry gimmick?


  1. Gimmick. Once it can be produced in numbers that allow more of the masses to enjoy it then I won't call it a gimmick. Until then...gimmick.

  2. It's definitely a gimmick. The one good thing about it is that the money to create these is supposedly coming out of the promotional budget instead of the product for the production of the cards. That put it on par with the Topps Diamond Rings or something like that. Very few people will get to pull one of these and those that do probably have a big payday in their future if they choose to sell.

    Is this really a card at this point or a very limited iPod Touch with a skin on it of a player? Are the batteries replaceable? I sure hope that they are. It's interesting and it could possibly take a little of the wind of Upper Deck's Evolution sails, but it'll be a while before this is the future of trading cards. Then again, there are video greeting cards out there so many doing this affordable isn't too far off.

  3. @Offy, good points. It agree that it is a gimmick. However, it's a gimmick I'd like to add to my collection.

  4. I would much rather the card company put a video of a player signing each card onto the internet, where I (and, say, potential buyers of the card I'm selling on ebay) could go watch it being signed without the use of an "HD" trading card.

    The HD card seems like overkill. An archive of signing-videos seems like a better idea for the long-run.