Friday, March 18, 2011


Bumper Magnet
I was recently contacted by and asked to review their design software, service and products. I'm always willing to review any product related to sports memorabilia, so I accepted the offer. Also, I know some readers work in industries in which marketing is a crucial aspect to profitability. So hopefully this review could help spur on some creative ideas or provide you with a new resource for your marketing purposes.

The most impressive aspect of my BuildASign experience was the ability to effortlessly design exactly what I wanted. The site has an innovative program that allows customers to upload images, select text fonts and utilize clip art to create any type of sign. When I say, "any type of sign", I mean it. There are too many types to mention, but here are a few: banners, street signs, bumper stickers, metal signs, car wraps, vinyl decals, license plates, neon signs and much, much more. Beside being able to create any sign imaginable, the quality of the items I received was also great.

In addition to the Hoopography bumper magnet and street sign I created (visible in this post), I also created a Yankees bumper magnet. Unfortunately, I was not able to have signs made from the Yankees design I created. This really wasn't any fault of Actually, it would have been a copy right infraction. So I really didn't have any complaints. The service was great. The shipping was quick and the products are top notch.

Sorry for the pic. It was a long day and,
 I came from the gym, but the Street Sign is cool.
I absolutely recommend for any marketing or signage needs you might have. I have to thank BuildASign for asking me to review their products, service and site. It was a lot of fun designing the signs. If anyone has any questions regarding my experience with BuildASign, feel free to email me at or leave me a wall post at Happy collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. The street sign is pretty cool... I might look into creating one for my office. Thanks for sharing.

  2. They contacted me too. Haven't got my product yet but website was easy to use. Hope mine turns out as well as yours did.


  3. @all, I was def impressed with how easy it was to create these and the quality of the signs.

    @Moe, I look forward to checking your signs out.

  4. Sounds like a great company. Card show dealers would probably gain a little more attention to their tables with signs like this. I might look into something to use for box breaks and other cam stuff that I do for the site.

    The street sign is very sharp looking. Very cool.

  5. @Offy, I'd like to start doing videos/box breaks and I thought the Street Sign would be perfect. My sign was pretty basic, but they can make anything. As long as you have the copy rights to an image.

    Great idea for card show tables!!!