Friday, March 25, 2011

Poster Review: "First Minute, First Round" By Pyramid Posters

"First Minute, First Round" by Pyramid Posters
It doesn't get any more iconic than this "First Minute, First Round" poster of Muhammad Ali standing over a stunned Sonny Liston. I've reviewed some great sports posters here on Hoopography, but this might be the greatest of all time! Not coincidentally, the poster features the Greatest of All Time. We all know Ali's greatness, but it's really this moment in sports history that makes the poster so iconic.

I'm not all that familiar with Pyramid Posters. It's not like other poster publishers Nike and Costacos Brothers, which most collectors recognize. I do know that Pyramid Posters is from across the pond in the UK and they have the licensing rights to publish Muhammad Ali posters. Other than those few nuggets, I'm a bit in the dark regarding Pyramid Posters. So if anyone has any other information on Pyramid, please feel free to comment. However, I think the poster actually speaks for itself.

Because of the popularity of the poster, there are tons of these around for collectors to put up in their man cave, den or dorm room. With a typical price around $8-$10 (click here), it's also affordable. Maybe it's the black and white or the levity of the moment, but this poster can certainly be the centerpiece of any collection.

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