Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gotta Love Buyback Auto's: '09 Upper Deck Lineage '91 UD Collectors Choice Brad Daugherty Auto

'09 Upper Deck Lineage Brad Daugherty Buyback Auto & COA

Buyback auto's are really so cool. Just think about it. This card could have been owned by you or me at one time and then re-released by Upper Deck after Brad Daugherty signed the card. That's a really neat idea to me.

I picked up this '09 Upper Deck Lineage buyback of Daugherty a few weeks ago. I like the old '91 Collectors Choice card, but the auto is certainly the cherry on top. Plus, I paid less than $8.00 including shipping. Daugherty isn't the most sought after player by collectors, but I thought that was a pretty good deal. For some reason, I collect old Cavaliers auto's of players like Daugherty, Ron Harper and Mark Price. Maybe I just feel bad for all those times Jordan beat up on the Cav's during the early 90's.

Sure, this '91 Upper Deck Brad Daugherty card was pretty basic and had little to no value when it was originally released. However, next time you look at another non-descript card in your collection, just remember that it could be the next buyback auto. Happy Collecting and… "Enjoy Every Bounce of the Ball".


  1. Upper Deck should have had multiple copies of each of those painted checklists signed and stuck back into packs. Those cards were some of the best parts of the first couple of Upper Deck hoops sets. It's cards like those and the NBA Super Hero cards that I still keep in top loaders with the special part of my collection even though their isn't any "book value" there. Awesome card.

  2. Nice pickup... I'm a fan of Daugherty & Price too... I still have Kenner SLU's of both of them from back in the days.

  3. Nick Pickup! I love that card, and under 10 bucks! Awesome!

  4. Nice pick up and at a great price too!